Buzzcut Zeazon is a Copenhagen-based creative collective established in 2023 by Jacob Evaristi, specializing in Creative Direction, Production, PR and Research. Working with a holistic approach, centered around the concepts of identity, cohesion and originality, Buzzcut Zeazon provides end-to-end services by taking care of every step from concept to completion. We strive to nurture and develop new talents while also authenticating and growing the more established, all through a collaborative approach based on honesty and a creative passion.
Buzzcut Zeazon defines a change of scene in one's visual appearance and their perceived state of mind. Jacob opts for an annual buzzcut period every summer and chooses to interpret the change of hairstyle as a stripping down of all those layers of expectations, that hereafter leaves you with an undeniable feeling of self and transparency. The intention behind the name lies in a goal of seeking out change and innovation in an industry that needs it. "If life imitates art, art must imitate authenticity." Which constitutes Jacob's manifesto behind the foundation of Buzzcut Zeazon. And the zeazon has started.
At Buzzcut Zeazon, there's no hierarchy, just teamwork. We don't work for anyone, nor does anyone work for us. Every day, we work alongside remarkable brands, talents, and creatives, driven by our shared mission to convey art and foster growth, visibility, authenticity, and creative potential.

Jacob has worked within the field of fashion in forms of communication, marketing, production, sales, E-tail, research, influencing and modeling for over a decade, in order to seek an expanded understanding of the industry's various angles and actors. He has also engaged himself in debates, NGO's and research projects around the visualization of gender through fashion design, in continuation of his specialized master’s degree in visual culture with the norm-critical thesis ‘The Modern Masculinity of Fashion’.
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